Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Quilt

One of my son's teachers at the creche is expecting a baby this fall. They asked all the parents if they could buy a little present to put in a big basket of presents for her. Instead of just picking out something at the store, I decided to bang out a little baby quilt. In one afternoon session of a little over two hours I got the quilt top finished, and a week later I finished the quilt by tying and binding it.
The pattern is one I got from my mother. She calls it a Triple Pinwheel. I've also seen it called a whirlwind or just pinwheel.

I combined a bright and colorful juvenile print with a deep blue and bright orange. The teacher is expecting a boy, but the quilt is still pretty neutral.

When I signed the quilt I decided to include the washing instructions as well. I used the international symbols (found in clothing, among other things) to show what temperature the quilt can be washed, dryed, and ironed. The symbols are somewhat subtle, but they are there. They won't have to question themselves when the baby soils the blanket and it needs a good washing.

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