Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jigsaw Scrap Quilt

I just finished my first scrap quilt. It is a jigsaw baby quilt and I love it! I knew that scrap quilts were nice because they use up some scraps in the stash, what I didn't realise is how great it is to see the fabrics again that I had used in other quilts. It really surprised me how happy I was to see the peas again, and the blue gingham, etc. I look forward to making more scrap quilts in the future. As for the jigsaw quilt pattern, I think it is really neat. I don't have a felt board so I did have to lay it out and then finish piecing it in one go. Being a small quilt, however, that wasn't really a problem.

I made the quilt for another cousin's baby boy who is due in October. Seeing as they live in Chicago, I wanted to make a nice warm blanket for the baby so I backed it using polar fleece. I debated whether or not I should put batting in it and decided I should. After I was done I did regret the decision because the quilt is very thick now. But I'm sure it will find its purpose - perhaps as playmat for on the floor.
Nice and soft backing!

A close up of some of the fabrics.

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