Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Quilt Accessories

To accompany the baby quilt for Marieke, I also made a hot water bottle cover (kruikzak), a music box, and a diaper stacker.
The pattern on the kruikzak is exactly the same as on the quilt. I attatched a shoestring to tie it closed.

At some toy stores and craft stores you can get the innards of a music box. This one plays a popular German lullaby. Here you see the blue and red fourpatch, while the other side is just yellow. Again I used a shoestring so it can be hung up somewhere.

I kept the diaper stacker pretty simple. Just as the one I made for myself, the blue fabric is leftover fabric from our curtains. I used a similar yellow to the yellow in the quilt for the trim.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your stuff ,its really good feature and nice color,looking very nice.